Why Does The Skin Age?

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As with all our body organs, skin ages as programmed by genes. Belt? This is called internal ageing. Dry skin, age spots, white hair, hair loss, thin nails and other skin changes come purely due to age.


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As with all our body organs, skin ages as programmed by genes. This is called internal ageing. White Flower? Dry skin, age spots, white hair, hair loss, thin nails and the serpentine belt, other skin changes come purely due to age. Skin also ages by external factors. Sun is the main external factor that ages the skin. The sunrays consist of many light spectrums. Ultra violet rays damage the skin most. Magazine? Both UVA and UVB are responsible for skin damage. Ageing due to sun is the serpentine, called photo ageing.

Sun-Sun breaks down the collagen and elastin in the skin. Water Kefir? The skin loses its elasticity and firmness and develops premature wrinkles. Belt? Photo ageing depends on the skin color and the amount of sun exposure over the years. Dark colored individuals show less sun damage while fair skinned people show more sun damage for the same exposure. With rising age, the total sun exposure increases and its gives rise to not only age spots, but also more serious problems such as actinic keratoses and skin cancers. The only way to cap valve prevent sun damage is protection from the sun.

Gravity plays its part in skin ageing. The Serpentine? As you know gravity pulls everything towards the earth. As we age, the effect of gravity becomes evident. The loss of mint green bags elastin in the skin with ageing plays a role in this. With gravity, jowls form, the ears elongate, the tip of the nose elongates and the serpentine, other such changes take place.

Smoking- tobacco plays a major role in skin ageing. It is found that smokers form wrinkles sooner than non-smokers. Smokers also develop unsightly yellow hue to their skin color. Smoking brings about white flower, biochemical changes in body and that accelerates ageing of skin. By quitting smoking, this can be stopped to a certain extent.

Expressions of the serpentine belt face- when we make facial expressions, we use facial muscles and the skin forms lines. Mint Green Bags? With age, the skin loses its ability to the serpentine spring back and lines form. With repetitive facial expressions, these lines become permanent. To avoid such lines and wrinkles, stop making facial expressions as much as you can and to last book, if you are doing facial exercises, be aware that the lines will form permanently.

Sleeping position- Sleep lines form over years depending on your sleeping position. If you sleep with face down on the pillow, you may develop wrinkles on your forehead. Belt? if you sleep sideways with your cheeks resting on the pillow, the wrinkles will appear accordingly. To avoid formation of sleep lines, change your sleeping position frequently. If you sleep with your face upward on the pillow, no sleep lines will form.

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